Hieronim Jawlowski (1887 - 1977)

Professor Hieronim Jawlowski (1887- 1977), myriapodologist from Poland

Professor H. Jawlowski was born 26 June 1887 at Kaunas. He finished Biological studies in 1914 at St. Petersburg University. In the years 1919-1928 he worked at the Department of Zoology at the University of Vilnius.
His Ph D thesis :Über die Funktion des Zentralnervensystems bei Lithobius forficatus L. (1923) was published in 1929 (b). In the period of work at University of Vilnius he published also papers on millipedes, among them: Zwei neue Diplopoden aus der Umgegend von Wilno (1925a), Notatka o gatunku Strongylosoma pallipes (1925b), Krocionogi (dwuparce) okolic Wilna (1926), Przyczynek do fauny pareczników okolic Wilna (1927).
A newly discovered species of Diplopoda was named after prof. Jawlowski, Brachyiulus jawlowski by Hans Lohmander in 1928.
In 1929 prof. Jawlowski moved to Warsaw where he worked at the National Zoological Museum until 1939. He described new speciesand subspecies of millipedes from Poland: Ommatoiulus vilnensis (= Schizophyllum vilnense), Xestoiulus (=Microiulus) leaticollis Porat mierzeyewskii (1925a), Karpatophyllon polinski, Leptoiulus czarnohoricus (1928), Mastigophorophyllon crinitum Att. huculicum Jaw., Mastigophorophyllon serrulatum Att. apiculatum Jaw., (1935b), Allopodoiulus verhoeffi Jaw., Leptoiulus trilobatus Verh. polonicus Jaw., Leptoiulus roszkowskii, Leptoiulus baconyensis pruticus (1930 c ,1936), Ceratosoma (Beskidia) jankowskii (1938b).
He elaborated materials of millipedes collected by himself in Poland (1929a, 1936, 1938a, 1939b) and obtained from different countries of the world such as Palestine (1931), regions of North America - New Foundland (1939a), Romania (1930a), Moldova (1935a), Bulgaria (1938c), Russia (1929c, 1933a),Yugoslavia (1933b), France (1933c) and European species of millipedes introduced to America (1930b).
During the Second World War prof. Jawlowski worked as labourer, took part in secret teaching in occupied Poland.
Soon after the war he started to live in Lublin, where he became the head of the Department of General Biology at the Medical Faculty of the newly founded University of Maria Curie - Sklodowska in 1945. Since 1950 the Faculty became an independent Medical University. Prof. Jawlowski continued heading the Department until 1962, when he retired. His last study in Myriapodology was published at 1950 - Myriapoda of the Bialowieza National Park.
Prof. Jawlowski´s developed in two directions of scientific research works : the first of faunistic studies in millipedes (Diplopoda) and second of central nervous system in insects. In his further years of research prof. Jawlowski focused on studies of brain structure in insects. The span of this interest in these problems goes back to a 1934 study concerning corpora pedunculata of Hymenoptera, until his last one from 1971 describing the brain structure of Coleoptera.
Prof. Jawlowski was a member of scientific societies, such as the Lublin Scientific Society, the Polish Entomological Society and the Polish Society of Nature Research (Copernicus Society).
Hieronim Jawlowski was loved by his colleagues and assistant workers for his noble character, kind-heartedness, and friendly and helpful attitude to people.
Prof. Hieronim Jawlowski will be remember as the founder and leading representative of the Polish school of modern Myriapodology. His publications have been continuously quoted by contemporary research workers in this discipline.

Grzegorz Kania [April 2003]

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