Ludek Jindrich Dobroruka (1920 - 2004)


Ing. et RNDr. Ludek J. Dobroruka was an enthusiastic Czech zoologist, born on 20th October 1933. Dobroruka was blue blooded; his oldest historically verified ancestor was Russian prince Jurij Dolgorukij, who founded city Moscow in 1147.
Dobroruka studied at the Charles University, Faculty of Science (1951-1956, RNDr.) and later at the University of Agriculture (1973-1978, Ing.). He was one of the zoologists with a great sphere of action; myriapodology was one from his collateral interests. Because he worked in the zoological gardens (1956-1972 and 1975-1982 in the Prague ZOO and 1972-1975 and 1982-1991 in the ZOO Dvur Králové nad Labem), the main aim of his work was animals much bigger than centipedes. He kept international and national studbooks of nine species of subungulate. He concentrated his scientific work on various aspects of taxonomy, breeding biology and behaviour of different species. Besides various subungulates (deer, antelopes, peccaries, impalas, horses etc.), other groups of vertebrate animals were also studied by him (mainly leopards, monkeys, squirrels, aardwolves, as well as some fish, frogs, salamanders, hamsters, seals, etc.).
During his procreative life Dobroruka wrote 140 scientific papers and 10 studbooks about aforesaid animals, but also14 books about centipedes, monkeys, domestic animals, mammals, dogs and South American and North American animals. Some of his books were translated into various languages. He also wrote 6 textbooks (Natural history for basic schools, Breeding of exotic animals for training college) and 33 popular science papers too. In addition to that, he translated 7 books into Czech. These books were not only about animals, but also about bicycles and some fairy-tales too.
During the last year of his university studies he wrote the first papers about myriapods, besides writing of diploma thesis about gulls. Taxonomy of centipedes and symphylans was Dobroruka´s whole-life hobby, he published about it mainly since the fifties till the seventies. During this period he described 4 new genera, 37 new species and 9 new subspecies of centipedes, 1 new species of symphylan and created 4 nomen novums. He is the author of 43 papers and 1 monograph. He worked on myriapods mainly self-actionly. He collaborated only on one paper, together with Dr. Folkmanová (in the last year of her life). In addition to the material he had collected in the Czech Republic, Kenya or Zambia himself, Dobroruka worked up also some material from museums and some collected by his colleagues during their trips to Asia (Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Gruzia, Iraq, Mongolia, Nepal, Taiwan), Africa (Belgian Congo, Central African Republic, Chad), America (Brazil) and Europe (Greece, Bulgaria, Poland).
Next proportion of Dobroruka´s life was work with kids and teenagers. Besides writing books and textbooks, he also supervised studies of many young researchers in Biology Olympiads. With his wife he had found Club Natura, which organized summer camps, educational programmes for sightless and weak-sighted kids and many other activities.
Recently, after having retired, he was interested in another group of invertebrates - jumping spiders (Aranea: Salticidae). He wrote 8 scientific papers about its behaviour and distribution and in 2004 he described new species from India.
Dr. L.J. Dobroruka died at 4th of July 2004 in a hospital leaving several uncompleted works.

List of Myriapoda taxons described by L.J. Dobroruka

Symphylella winkleri Dobroruka, 1956


Chinobius alenae Dobroruka, 1980
Hessebius major Folkmanová & Dobroruka, 1960
Schizopolybothrus folkmanovae Dobroruka, 1965
Schizopolybothrus lebruni Dobroruka, 1968
Lithobius corrigendus Dobroruka, 1988 - nomen novum for Lithobius parvus Folkmanová, 1946
Lithobius creticus Dobroruka, 1977
Lithobius erythrocephalus mohelensis Dobroruka, 1959
Lithobius evae Dobroruka, 1958
Lithobius lusitanus tataricus Folkmanová & Dobroruka, 1960
Lithobius magurensis Dobroruka, 1971
Lithobius megapus bidens Folkmanová & Dobroruka, 1960
Lithobius mongolicus Dobroruka, 1960
Lithobius porathi major Folkmanová & Dobroruka, 1960
Lithobius pseudoagilis Dobroruka, 1965
Lithobius purkynei Dobroruka, 1957
Lithobius tatricus Dobroruka, 1958
Lithobius tatricus monounguis Dobroruka, 1958
Lithobius validus rotteri Dobroruka, 1958
Monotarsobius hauseri Dobroruka, 1965
Monotarsobius homolaci Dobroruka, 1971
Monotarsobius krali Dobroruka, 1979

Allothereua wilsonae Dobroruka, 1979

Agnathodon Folkmanová & Dobroruka, 1960
Agnathodon paradoxus Folkmanová & Dobroruka, 1960
Arctogeophilus macrocephalus Folkmanová & Dobroruka, 1960
Brachygeophilus sukacevi garutti Folkmanová & Dobroruka, 1960
Brachyschendyla verneri Folkmanová & Dobroruka, 1960
Eurytion mumbwae Dobroruka, 1969
Folkmanovius Dobroruka, 1957
Folkmanovius paralellus Dobroruka, 1957
Geophilus osquidatum porosum Dobroruka, 1957
Mecistocephalus benoiti Dobroruka, 1958
Mesoschendyla franzi Dobroruka, 1959
Pachymerium dilottiae Dobroruka, 1976
Pachymerium hanzaki Dobroruka, 1976
Polygonarea africana Dobroruka, 1960 - nomen novum for Polygonarea porosa (Porat, 1894) sensu Verhoeff 1937, 1940, 1947 and 1955
Polygonarea verhoeffi Dobroruka, 1960 - nomen novum for Polygonarea porosa (Porat, 1894) sensu Verhoeff 1925 and Attems 1929
Pseudofagetophilus Folkmanová & Dobroruka, 1960
Pseudofagetophilus microporus Folkmanová & Dobroruka, 1960
Schizotaenia folkmanovae Dobroruka, 1966 - nomen novum for Pachymerium flavum Folkmanová, 1949
Schizotaenia livingstonei Dobroruka, 1969
Schizotaenia ornata Folkmanová & Dobroruka, 1960
Schizotaenia vagneri Dobroruka, 1973
Strigamia olympica Dobroruka, 1977

Asanada tchadensis Dobroruka, 1968
Asanada zambiana Dobroruka, 1969
Congobius Dobroruka, 1968
Congobius kivuensis Dobroruka, 1968
Congobius schoutedeni Dobroruka, 1968
Cryptops franzi Dobroruka, 1958
Digitipes krausi Dobroruka, 1968
Otostigmus lawrencei Dobroruka, 1968
Otostigmus striatus porteri Dobroruka, 1960
Rhysida lithobioides longopito Dobroruka, 1973


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I would like to acknowledge to Pavel Stoev and Stylianos Simaiakis for their help with collecting of papers and to Dr. Jana Dobroruková for help with completing of bibliography and biography.

Ivan H. Tuf, May 2005

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